Skype Training - Face Rigging

Hey There

I hope to master Blender one day, but for now - I am using it for such a narrow application. Your mission, if you choose to accept it will be to help me build a workflow for:

  • Preparing my disastrous vertices structure on my mesh (yes, I have one) for later shape-keying
  • Telling me what I’m doing wrong with my shape keys/bone drivers or helping with best practice
  • Helping link this to my MoCap data add-on and get it moving
  • (Bonus) put this head on a Rigify body, wrinkle maps, making a really good head rig

I’m a quick learner and am flexible with your schedule. MESSAGE ME ASAP WITH ANY QUERIES. I will answer super quick, I just need this done urgently. If you have done this before I expect it to only take a few hours, I have some of what I need and am just filling the gaps.

Drop a line in this thread <3
Love you all :ba:

I can help with this if you haven’t found some one already. I’m not sure if i can help with the Mocap data thing as i’m not sure of what your mocap data addon does, but add me on skype if you still need the help. Just so your aware of my skills, i have two assets on unity one called “props animations” by proportional studios, with 800ish animations and a 2nd one called “animal pack” by streetwork games. the animal pack has some shapekey work in it, and if you would like to see some shape key stuff set up for an adventure game im happy to show it. My skype nickname is “proportion”.