Skyrim style Atmospheric Effects in the GE

Skyrim style mist in the Blender GE: Any thoughts? Nice swirly, smoke and mist. My thought on it is this.

  • Use the smoke generator in blender to render a series of animated frames as individual pictures, then create a plane, and add the image sequence as an animated texture. Repeat a few times for variation, then animate the planes themselves and have them display as a …the other type, not a billboard…then make them pretty transparent.

Also, standard Blender mist seems to ignore any type of AO, script or the new viewport AO. So, if I use mist and AO in the GE, I get mist which obscures all but the AO in the distance, which yields a sort of line drawing in AO of distant objects.

The thing with the AO can be changed in the AO script. And yeah, that would be how you´d create nice atmospheric fog in the bge :smiley:

This node setup by CA Ligári does prettymuch the same effect with some tweaks in parameters. About the SSAO, you can make it fade away with clamped distance as a factor. Will post code as soon as I’m on PC.

Egad! How is that happening. That is freaky. Thanks Jackii. Anyone who hasn’t seen that, download the blend on the thread in Jackii’s post. Damn. I need to look at how that’s happening. It is PERFECT.

Edit: Alas, as usual, probably too complicated for me to implement. It seems to require that absolutely every item in your entire scene somehow gets that node plus its normal material. I have zero idea how to do that. Not sure I’d want to. I just want to add that Skyrim Smokey interior / mist to some of my castle interior scenes. I don’t know how I’d add that node to every material - books, candles, furniture etc. Super beautiful effect though.

I’m actually able to help you with that along with other node based materials in your impressive looking project. Feel free to PM me. :smiley:

Will do. I’m going to go eat. Feeling frustrated. I feel like every time I learn something in Blender, it’s just going to be temporary anyway. I feel like normal, non-node materials are going extinct…I know more can be done with nodes, but I feel like as soon as I learn the basics of nodes, someone will change it. Looking at tutorials from even a year or so ago on a variety of topics - the smoke generator - none of the buttons and settings are the same. I spent 20 minutes feeling pretty good about what I’d learned, then boom, open Blender, everything is changed. Now I just have to figure it out. I’d say that 99% of the tutorials for Blender out there are 100% irrelevant. I know people learn new ways of doing things, but you know, the stuff we know now will be absolutely irrelevant in a year or two. Ok, end of the rant. Yes, I’d love your help just adding some mist and atmospheric stuff to some of my screen shots.

Blender is still undergoing some pretty major reworking in the GUI department, as well as in the graphics and materials areas, so things are changing a lot from version to version right now. Node materials, however, can be pretty simple to use once you get the hang of it- especially since you can make node groups (select a bunch of nodes and hit ctrl-G) and then add that group as its own single node to any other material, and just plug it in. Then you can make changes to the group and those changes will be reflected in any material that has that group in it. I’m pretty sure you can also link node groups from other blend files (if not you can just append a material they’re on and the group will come with it).

Nodes really scale well in terms of learning steps. You can do things from image blending to advanced ray casting depending on your knowledge. Though once you get a hang of the work flow and node operations, the rest would depend on the algorithm you’re implementing.
Though I still feel more fluid with GLSL as code not nodes, there’s an old rant about GUI vs CLI. With the bge specifically, nodes are better than code at the current stage as they provide more inputs and viewport data, and better performing. Aside from the bugs that come up very frequently with GLSL coded materials. (that major one about having to have to code on every object)

Nodes are a complete mystery to me, mostly because I care nothing at all for rendering. I only care about real time - I believe the future of rendering is real time. It has been very difficult for me to tease out what applies to the ge, and not rendering. I’ve also got to make things people can purchase and use, and not be confronted with something that will change by the next version. In short, I need to sell products which use stable methods. I’m certainly interested in nodes, and how they can be used to make some great GE materials. But again, it all has to be stable. I make about $3,000 per year selling models, so this is no small concern of mine.

I’d love to see a repository of GE only materials I could study and modify. I kinda feel like the Blender GE is hanging on for dear life at this point. I wouldn’t mind at all if it became a separate, perhaps more robust program, with great Blender integration. I’m not a game developer, but most of the models I sell I believe go into indy Blender game projects, or other types of real time sims - class projects perhaps.

I couldn’t download the file from dropbox when I clicked it, only display a wall of texts for some reason, browser settings?

I too only just discovered how useful nodes are in the game engine, thanks to Jackii lol

Try clicking the left mouse button and choose the Save Link As.
For me also ran the Open Link In A New Tab option.

Jackii has created a really nice node based setup for me. Here’s a quick screen. It’s fully adjustable and animated of course. Thanks Jackii! I’ll be selling it on TS as part of my castle / dungeon building setup, and giving Jackii a fat slice of the profit. My overall strategy is to create an entire system of models, props, fx, lighting etc, to give users the ability to quickly create entire, fully developed game levels. I see so much duplication of labor as people try to create game levels. I’ve always dreamt of a simple method for giving people, who want to pay for it, the ability to create what they see in games they play - that’s why I got into Blender in the first place. I’ll be asking for plug and play characters, animations, fx etc. and sharing a chunk of what I make. If anyone is interested, let me know. I’m looking for simple to implement, pretty bullet proof (nothing experimental), and efficiently created. Pro level stuff.

The mist is now for sale on Turbosquid!

It is fully adjustable, and allows for a huge variety of effects.