Skys problem

Hi, Im fairly new to Blender, I only just discovered it about a six-ish months ago when searching for some software to use for my newly found interest in Film effects.

I decided I wanted to start a project to have so that I could have sometihng concrete to base my progress on so I tried making a short logo video for myself to use at the start of future stuff. I have a scene where a stealthed (crudely modeled) craft flies over a rock towards da camera over water. I wanted a nice reflection in the water so I follwed a tutorial for that and used a nice sky image I had taken with my camera.
(sorry - enough banter onto my problem)

I used the sky as a world texture which achieved a better look and reflection than a textured plain… however, there is camera movement in my scene and as the camera moves the sky looks really fake and static giving the impression that the camera is not moving but the water and whole scene is infact tilting with the sky static. I dont know i this is giving a good picture of whats going wrong but if anyone who reads this knows what I am rambling on about, please could you offer up and wisdom that will help.


Use a skydome.

oh yer… :expressionless: sorry 4 the annoying newb question. (but we all hav to start sumwhere)