Hello there,

i’m a little bit drunk and i wrote the tutorial. is only german and no spell checkt :smiley: maybe anyone can translate it :smiley: is open sorce :smiley:

hi there.

if you could include some deeper instructions and screenshots - maybe of the tools you’re using to recieve certain effects - it might even become helpful. as i can see for now a newbee wouldn’t understand anything (except search google for sky.jpg maybe) of your tutorial. I think to make a tutorial understandible for all audience, especially beginners, a real step by step description of what is done is very important. And to mention again: screenshots of the used tools are important too, as the blender GUI isn’t too easy to understand if you’re totally new to blender. If you want to work on that tut I’ll help you with the translation.
ich würde es sogar in deutsch korrektur lesen :wink: !