Skyscraper with organic shape modeling (Tissue / Sverchok add-on's in practice)

Hello everyone
This is my first topic in Blender community
And I have specific problem that Im unable to solve alone for a few weeks now.
So please help! Any suggestions or practical advice would be welcome

Generally I work in architectural visualization with 3ds Max but recently I opened for myself Blender as a very handy tool with a lot of possibilities especially with latest updates.

Basicly I have the tower building model:

ts provided by client ( Im sure its modeled in Rhino with grasshooper) so I have to use it to finish the exterior design and also make some changes on the model itself but the problem is, this model is very bad…bad topology, bad optimized and not editable at all. So i want to recreate it in Blender to make it more procedural to have more control on it.

The main problem is on two twisted towers with a lot of windows (holes) in mesh… the other parts simple to recreate.

So I remodeled the general shape of those twisted towers in Blender

And I have this base mesh to work with…

My Question is:

How can I create those window holes on surface of this mesh? cause they are various in scale as you may notice and I have very complex organic shape of the mesh

I learned little about Sverchok addon and Tissue that Im sure can handle it but Im struggling almost for 2 weeks now to achieve at least something. Please guide me how can I achieve that result.
Thank you

Something like this?

recursive wireframe modifier. create different vertex groups for every surface with different windows size. Create as much as wireframe modifier, giving each one the different vertex groups. Then it’s a matter of tampering with parameters until you get what you need. (more or less…)

Mind anyway that Sverchok has it own thread where you might want to post for help. Going full procedural if you are short on time anyway can be difficult…

I tried to manupulate with different modifiers, remeshers and got pretty nice but random results((
But the problem still with the size, I need like falloff scale size of windows from the smallest to biggest and back to smallest. but all modifiers gives only random results based on wireframe

I hope you already solve your issue, other ways with Sverchok you can determine the inset of a face based in another parameter.

(‘CA: Faces Center’ is the Component Analyzer node)