A new creation.

I wanted to see if I could create a pritty nice skyscrape scene within a short time. This is what I came up with, I hope you like it:

C&C are welcomme

Small update (added a top to the buildings) %|

it’s scape, not scrape :smiley:

For something that was done in a short period of time, it’s quite good…but it would have been a lot better with a touch of colour and some transparency on the windows.


I think he means sky-scrapers…but I could be wrong.

Nice scene, but a little grainy and lifeless. Try adding simple interiors and reflections to the outsides.

I think he means sky-scrapers…but I could be wrong.

ahh lol, you may well be right :wink:

Now Im intrigued…Kothe either meant Sky Scape or skyscrapers…either one is technically correct!

Yes, good one for a short period of time, anyways [email protected] is right, some color would be great!

I wouldn’t make the windows transparent, as you would see non-existent interior then!

I’d use the method like they did in Spiderman movies, simply add reflection to the windows (you already did that, but add some reflection maps!)

Also use another Background color, blue instead of Black!

I think I ment sky-scrapers… lol…
Have to change that. A better reflection map could be useful, yes, but I don’t want any color in the picture. Isn’t it a old/i-dont-know-what-century feeling in the picture when it’s black and white and grainy?