Skyship Delphinus (Yes u may know it)

Hey everyone i decided i would give the Delphinus a go in Blender (i know i’m still pretty much an amature at it) but none the less i’m gonna give it a go. For those of u who have played Skies of Arcadia you should know what the Delphinus is hehe. Here is what I have so far:

P.S I’m aware it has holes in it and the back end is missing but it’s far from finished lol.

well let me first say thats not to bad for a start in blender i beleave the first thing i modeld was a gun and it looked horrid do to the fact that i modeled it as a billion diffrent items that where all cubes and tubes and stuff at any rate. looks like you got some triangels there if your wonting to put sub surf on it your going to get a weird look with then triangels i have never played the game but i am guessing with sub surf set smooth and abit more time it could look like a neat ship :slight_smile:

yea triangles and subsurfacing dont go together, try to always have a square or rectangular face.
it would be ncie to see a couple more views to get an idea of how this looks from more sides?

yea sure i’ll post some new screenies when i’ve patched the holes in the hull and thanks for the input so far :). By the way i haven’t used any triangles they are rectangles which have been deformed to every needed shape :). Texturing could be a bit of a problem but i’ll get it done hopefully.


I’ve patched the front end up now and here is a screenie of the completed front half (without textures)

Looks good so far. :smiley: Just don’t be daunted by the fact that you still have a loooong way to go to actually resemble Sky of Arcadia. =)