Skysim : a volumetric atmosphere addon

Hello world, i want to introduce you a new addon for Blender called Skysim. It’s a complete atmospheric solution with 2 skies models : nishita and preetham. the preetham model is fully compatible with Eevee and both models are compatibles with the new sun position plugin of blender 2.82
It let you produce stunning atmospheres from sunrise to sunset without having to tweaks tons of settings.
You can produce godrays in seconds and enhance your scenes with a real feeling with the volumetric fog.
you can add 2D and/or 3D clouds and animate the position of the sun, the clouds, almost everything.
It can be use to render outdoor ans indoor scenes, it’s a full replacement for HDRI files, but it use only 1% of the memory of HDRI ! (never goes over 50 Megas when HDRI’s use Gigas !!) and is faster to render.
you can check it out here :


That looks really nice!


Thank you, I’m doing sample renders and I’ll provide the links to the .blend files. Unfortunately it look like I can’t post pictures yet :frowning:

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Good. Some sample images will definitely help understanding better the potential of your add-on. Looking forward to it!

here’s some samples to demonstate what you can do with it !


Those are great, @Unixseb!

Hi your renders are really greats, you say it’s fully compatibile with Eevee but on blender market I only see a demo with cycles (I can’t use cycles right now) :confused:
Please can you do a demo with Eevee ?

here’s a link to a quick demo i made with Eevee. It is not showing all the features in deep, it is just showing that it’s working :wink:

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thanks, i have more to posts if you like them :slight_smile:

Hi @Unixseb,

If you do have more demos handy it would be great to see them. The quick demo proved quite helpful.

Cheers and thanks for the addon.

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here’s another demo video

and another one, both mades with eevee

next evolution will include a basic composite setup to produce sun lens flares :

Hey @Unixseb, which sky model would recommend using with Cycles, and which is going to generate the most physically accurate results?

Hello, with cycles, skysim nishita’s model or the internal nishital model give the best results. Preetham is better with Eevee as it is almost realtime with it.

Hey @Unixseb , Trying to install the last 1.6 version in Blender 3.1.2 on Linux I get the following error, please have a look:

hello, can you try to install skyfield by hand with ‘pip install skyfield’ ?