SkyTrain Station Items

Hey, I know this sounds weird but im gonna make a bunch of like skytrain station 3d and post it here. Maybe if you think this sounds cool feel free to make your own skytrain station 3d and post it here, im currently working on making a track so stay tuned for the pics, Have fun


Sounds interesting.

At the moment I am looking for things to blender to develop my skills.

I would like to make one of these skytrain stations.

But first I need to know what they are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it like a monorail?

And are we just making the skytrain station, or the whole track?

Should be posted in the WIP section…but I think you knew that…


Well, a sky train is this

It seems there is a fellow Vancouverite on the list :smiley:
I suspected as much when I read “Skytrain”. Most other people would refer to it as “light rapid transit”


Or if you are from NEW YAWK you call it the ELL Train. :-?