Slashdot article on 2.40

Yowza. Slashdot has an article this morning on the 2.40 release of our beloved Blender. Hop on over and check it out!

Damnnit… That’s probably why blender’s site is down :expressionless:

Exactly why the site is down :wink:

Oh well, I’ll wait till the troglodytes have their gawk, then go get my new release…

Well some sites are using bittorrent for downloading instead of or as well as providing download links, maybe Blender can do that next time?

If heavy traffic is expected for one single reason bringing the rest of the site down is a common solution. But then again, I got no idea how hard it is to actually do that on a more complex website.

It doesn’t take much at all to take a site down because of bandwidth restrictions - it’s one of those things that most people don’t think about - if you look closely at your bandwidth restrictions they usually say something like 200GB/month (that’s mine) but then they have daily and hourly restrictions as well. I’m the admin of the servers I’m on so my restrictions are 8GB day which times 30 days = 240GB - rarely would someone have that so it shuts it down early. They probably have something like 100GB and at 5MB a download that’s 100,000MB/5MB = 20,000 downloads and they get shot if they have that many dl in a single day. It would have been a good idea if they would have asked blender individuals (like myself) to host the initial releases (so as not to swamp their servers) and then later replace the mirrors with their own site’s. Till then you can get a winblows build at:

This doesn’t so much have anything to do with bandwith restrictions. There is no hard maximum bandwith amount per month and definately not per week, day or hour. Bandwith for a release like this can easily take several 100GB a day,… yes several 100gb per day!

The only real factor here is the amount of visitors and the strain so many visitors at once put on the server. A typical apache process takes anywhere from 5 to 15mb of memory. Now I think the Blender server has 2GB’s of memory so that means about 200 processes can exist at once before the server cripples. And then there is still CPU load, Disk access, etc to worry about.

It is definately not easy to proof a server against the ‘slashdot effect’. What would help is indeed having download mirrors ready before a big release and not directly hosting these large releases on the Blender server. But that is not as easy as it sounds,

“do we delay the release for a day to synchronise the download servers, or do we suffer from the slashdot effect for a few hours?”

my 2 cents,

btw, fun fact:

The elysiun server (Suzanne), did aproximently 800gb sofar this month, with a peak of 170gb in one weekend. Only about 80gb of this is from this forum, the rest is from the art festival animations that are still downloaded ALOT!!

oh i know that that wasn’t the reason for the cripple - I was just letting those users know that the bandwidth issue (although significant) isn’t as big as they thought - you’re right, it’s usually from apache processes. My server has around 4GB of membory, i believe but then I only get about 2GB of that as I share it with another domain.

No it isn’t a good idea to delay the release (maybe in this instance as three days later would have meant a Christmas release) but since the developers have the buzz of when it is getting completed then it is as simple as emailling the mirrors the release (or a link to the file) and once the individuals have it hosted then it is added to a forum thread of mirros and instead of having the download link go to the version it goes to the forum thread so that they can select a mirror! It’s really not that hard - or atleast email a bunch of people to host it and they just grab the release and then post in the forum - cause the server is ineviteably going to crash.

lol - yeah, i keep hosting those movies too!