Slate in Blender


I need to do an “slate” and also to “burn” some information on all the frames of a lot of sequences.
The slate will have 1 picture and dynamic text readed from python variables.
The burnings need to have the frame number (so it’s changing every frame) and other texts given with python variables.
All the texts need to use an specific font and has to be perfectly anti-aliased (so I assume BGE is not an option).

Can you help me? Thanks

Try the timestamp function in the VSE. You get a frame increment and the ability to add a short line of text.

Timestamp function? I’ve checked the VSE and I find no clue about that. Also pressed space and typed “timestamp” without results.
edit: Wait, You mean the "Stamp"options in the Render tab? If so, it’s not working for me. I need to place the texts in random places and Stamp is always aligning everything top-left.

Your best bet is to setup a template scene in blender render… and use python to change the variables, and then use the compositor to comp it over the top of the original render.

This way you can specify fonts / locations / sizing etc.etc.etc

In fact you can use the Randomiser addon for frame count too: