slave for 5 month?

yeah i know. i don’t have to be a slave for 5 month.

my boss sold me as a freelance (or something).
i was already there for 6 month. it was the hell!
the boss there is the hell. he thinks he some big thing
in our military. an so he is with the employees.

get another job? no way! our company needs the money!

the problem is, that the only thing i really can do
is programming. some would say nice… but i say
it’s shit.
the most work i get is rescuing some broken projects.
in some way i like that. but doing bad programming
some years???

i dont know.
that’s the reason switching to open source. you can
programm goot progs in your freetime and you don’t
have to do what your marketing chief says.
i earn enough money. but what is enough money if you
don’t want to do the job?

so now i don’t know if i really got to the local supermarket
asking if they have a job for me as … i don’t know… everything…

what would you do?

(i dont’ check this time what i’ve written… perhaps i would not submit it)


No sense of self satisfaction, can’t stand to get out of bed, calling in sick just because you can’t stand the thought of going to work, feel like planting your bosses head in the wall?
It’s time to start looking for a new job!
This is making light and not to be taken seriously:
Not in the position to find a new job, plant the bosses head in the wall at least you’ll get satisfaction and have something to get out bed for and maybe the (boss) will start calling in sick. (unless you want to take it seriously) :wink:

Listen, take it from one who knows! Job satisfaction is worth money!
It’s worth a pay cut even as long as your needs are still met. And you’ll probably be more successful too. It took me several bad jobs to figure that out. Trust your gut on this one! Line up another job, then quit!

This is a person I used to contend with at one of my jobs.
Have you ever seen the “Pointy Haired Boss” from the comic strip “Dilbert”? I swear they modeled him after my old boss! It was him! Here’s quote from him after seeing our senior salesman return $65.00 to a customer after she had dropped it on the floor. “Oh! Ooh! Oh! Your stupid! Oooh! Your’er just stupid!” “Why?” “You could’ve had $65.00!” This from a man who made probably 70,000 a year! He would constantly threaten our jobs, insult us, and put us through hell just for fun then he’d wonder why no one seemed to like him, the poor guy! That company is no longer in business.

This kind of BS does not have to go hand in hand with making a living!
I’m telling you, go whith your gut feelings about this! You know what to do!

I wish you the best of luck!

ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a family to feed. If you are still young and free, that is the time to move around. Staying where you aren’t happy will turn you into something bitter and icky. Not at all the person you wanted to be. Is it worth living your one life that way?

BTW, choose your “wife/hubby” just as wisely, make sure they bring out the person you want to be in you. If you say “I’m actually a better person, or I feel like the kind of person I want to be” when you are with them, MARRY THEM.

Wise advice from a friend that I took, and man am I glad!

Why do I always do this??? God, I’m a bore… sorry

Love Ingie

thanks everyone!

you are writing what i’m not allowed to think. but only thinking what
would be better since now almost 2 years???

yes i am free and i have a really nice girlfriend. i’ll better take the time and get a new job. no, not next week. i try to get a good one.
getting a really good job needs good skills. thats why i’m every evening
programming in C++ or Python i’ve think this effort gets me there where i want to be.

i never (only) worked for money. thats not the point. i don’t need mutch
money. i want to have fun in job and freetime.

dilbert? only once saw a strip. sorry. but i can imagine what you mean.
my current boss drives a really big german car and the car for the
employees is a little … (don’t know).

thanks again.