Slave (warning: drastic content)

Here is my new picture.
Made with blender and gimp.

distrubing and gross. no stars. sorry. you scared the entire village, and they will be up screaming all night.


The hair looks a little iffy but that’s it.

Why is he in this horrid state, why the collar, why the needles, why does he have a pentacle on his forehead?

You should give a warning before posting disturbing images like this.

Besides the fact that–grotesque, at best–it has no readily available point, I notice that a the UV mapping is horribly distorted, and the skin looks like the rind from those thanksgiving gourds in that it looks overly rough and plasticy.


I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. I think it looks pretty freaking cool. My only question is why does he have only one hair on his chin? Bad shaver? 4 Star

I think I’d be able to appreciate it better if it wasn’t for the technical faults. There’s less eye-candy to distract me, which means I’m looking at the picture itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

UV map isn’t distorted. Those wrinkles around mount are sculpted and they are exactly as I wanted. Where do you seed such big distortions? Also I wanted to make skin look sick.

It just looks all stretched and swirled all along the nose, and the texturing itself is odd that it combines patches of really low detail with patches of really tiny, crunched wrinkled.

And it doesn’t look sick, I mean. It just looks… kinda… gourd-like. Like a really dry look, it doesn’t look malleable or translucent, like even diseased skin would look.

EDIT: Sorry if it seems a little on the harsh side, but you’re kinda pushing the Bizarre wall, here, and things that are pushing Bizarre have to be done REALLY well, because the human mind is less inclined to believe them anyway, so problems are more noticeable.

I think it actually looks rather cuddly, in a bizzarely grotesque sort of way… if that’s possible. I think the lighting is much too soft and the textures not realistic enough to make it look really disturbing. I can’t help but think I’m looking at the ugliest stuffed toy I’ve ever seen… I honestly can’t quite put my finger on the reason why, exactly, I just don’t think it really works as disturbing artwork.

You’ve just fallen victim to the irony of this forum. People can post poorly made images over and over and receive a raft of comments designed to lift their spirits, while others can post an image which is obviously the result of some considerable effort, and receive apparently harsh critiques. Don’t take it to heart, but do take some notice.

It looks reasonably well-modelled in general and you obviously had some idea of where you were headed. But since it is heading towards realism, believability becomes an issue and as others have said, it doesn’t quite make it.

The skin is flat and harsh such that it looks like a clay or plastic model. And while the wrinkles around the lips might be intentional, they defy reality since lips don’t really wrinkle like that.

Rhysy 2 says something seems off… I’d suggest one thing which may be messing with people is the very attractive lighting - it contradicts a seemingly dark intent. Also, this guy has been through hell and yet he holds his head high, showing no sign of exhaustion whatsoever. Also, the angle of the shoulders seems steep, like he has no shoulders.

So, maybe try drooping the head a little, with his “eye” looking downward in absolute defeat. Reduce the light on the wall (and overall) and take some of the warmth out of it. A shaft of bluish light from above could give the impression of him being in a basement cell or something (and you would usually counter this with a warmish reflected light). This may begin to tell a story (although, this might not be the story you’re wanting to tell, in which case ignore it :slight_smile: )

As I said, don’t take the critiques to heart, they are intended to guide. All in all, it’s a hell of an effort and better than a lot of stuff posted here in recent months.

Thanks for comments.
It’s not big project. Just fast idea.
Here is updated version:

the skin looks… weird…

and you should have him not smiling…

good for you but thats sort of the point of criticism. most of this ‘complaining’ is actually what constitutes constructive criticism. if you dont want criticism, dont show it.

while others can post an image which is obviously the result of some considerable effort, and receive apparently harsh critiques
you cant critique whats not there. the more ‘effort’ you put into it and the more you develop it, the higher the chances of getting a reaction from the audience and stimulating dialogue are. the best pieces are usually the ones that receive the harshest criticism but that doesnt mean its also the other way around.

overall, good technical skill but the image is waaay too busy. the lumps and bumps on the skin dont work IMO and the face, especially around the nose and mouth looks like clay. the totally flat right (his/her right) shoulder is out of place and looks like its not finished. to be honest, it looks like you set out to make a gross piece and just cobbled together a bunch of different things in the hope that together theyd make something disturbing but by the time i realize all that is going on, the shock value is lost.

as a portrait, it looks bland. the lighting couldve been used to enhance the terrible-ness or horror of the character’s situation rather than just as a way of showing it. i think turfing the vacant expression and developing a bit more of a scene could help the mood. its very static.

sometimes its a lot more effective if you take a single idea out of a bunch and develop that to its finality rather than try to make several concepts work together.

good effort.

EDIT: ah i see its ‘not big project. Just fast idea’ so i presume its still in progress? wouldve done better in the WIP or Focused Critique sections in that case… hope to see some more good stuff. keep it up.

Nice work, this look s like a night mare nah but um he has allot of pimples on his head.

errr really really odd idea… and eww with hte nails!!! otherwise kewl haha

it just has too much stuff slapped into it… you need to simplify the design… a lot.
and put some of that idea what you now presented in props, into the actual head shape and style…
texturemap also is a bit lowres/badly unwrapped… there are distortion here and there… especially on the bump map.


Well for his age he should have had baggier skin

It does come off as being plastic, or like it was made with plasticine or something. The lights look like they’re white. Maybe changing them to a more yellow/orange tint to simulate the sun or an incandescent bulb. I’m not aware of too many light sources that give off pure white light. I know a lot of painters will use complimentary colors for a 2-light setup. Orangy/yellow main light with a blue-purple secondary light is really common. It mimics the natural light/shade of the sun at sunrise/sunset. Doesn’t bother me, just throwing out ideas and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like ‘Hellraiser’ meets ‘Ichii the Killer’ meets ‘Night of the Living Dead’