Sled Dog Training Cart

Aside from poking around Blender and trying to learn as much about 3D artwork as I can, I spend my free time training my pair of Siberian Huskies as sled dogs. In the early spring and late fall, when it’s still cool enough to run but too warm for snow, Mushers use ATVs and carts to train their dogs.

The fact is, I first started using Blender because I wanted to design my own sleddog cart (usually called a rig but you can see where that might be confusing here on this forum :D) and was looking for a 3D program to help me visualize and design it. (I actually studied Mechanical Engineering before switching to a Graphic Design degree)

So, I finally know enough about Blender to get back to the original reason I picked up the program and will be working on my dog-cart over the next few months until it gets cold enough to get the pups out with a scooter a friend is loaning me.

These are screenshots of the mountain bike tire I am modeling to use as a starting point for the design. I’ve been mostly working on the rim, hub, and spokes. The tire is a placeholder that I’m going to replace with one with a modeled tread.