Sleeping beauty-

just finished this one,

im compresing those a lot,becouse of many colors the size goes around 1.2 mb.

hmm,i think the room is still a little empty,but i dont want to overload it.

You’re mass producing these?! :slight_smile: good job as always!

nice, best of these yet.
and no airbrush anywhere :slight_smile:

i like the style, and colors. it’s a bit like children’s book illustrations…


Wow, no crits on this!
Colours, curves and motion… i see something psichedelic in it.

I agree with what basse said. This is certainly the best.

Ditto (no pun intended) to what basse said.

Superb work indeed.

amazing work, leon. i love it.

Awesome style! I love the texture you gave to the piece. It just flows with emotion.

I’ll have to look at your other works -=leon=-