Sleeping cow

First complete picture…

C&C Please

Its cute. It looks like someone is shining a flashlight on the rock, is it supposed to? Also why not add some spots to the cow? I think it would look better. Is the grass particle system?

I agree with the comments above :slight_smile: looks really cute.
The cow pat is a bit too shiny though. Perhaps make the hooves a little darker…there isnt much contrast and as its a cartoony style, I dont think it would hurt at all :slight_smile:

Sorry, I really don’t wanna break your balls, but I’ve seen a character like that before. And way better executed. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

This is Carnerito by venomgfx:
His website:

That being said, the lighting could use some work, and you really need to get rid of those hard edges (use OSA perhaps?)

I hope I didn’t discourage you in any way…

Keep on blending,

lol, strange…

Thanks for replies.

OSA is turned on, i don’t know why the edge are like that. And Yes grass is made with the particule system. Wath do you mean by adding some spot? Sorry but i’m using blender about 10 months and never really learn about lightning.

spot: a spot light. i suggest you look at the online manual about lighting, lighting is perhaps the most important part of setting up a nice scene

That’s just bizarre, sago…

Yes, nice character. Very venomgfx-ish. As with others, my main crit is the lighting (which isn’t easy to do well, anyway)

I Know wath is a spot :wink: But it doesn’t make the effect iI want…

But anyway, I’ve been working to much on this picture, I’m bored of it.