Sleeping dragon(slight nudity)

Today I create a little artwork, I hope you like it

Very nice,

a beautiful piece of artwork! You just “tossed this off in an idle moment”?:eek:

Looks a bit like a doll because the symmetrical posture. Make it asymmetrical, and it could really kick (and show) ass, hopefully without distroying the composition (which I really like). Also love the skin and lighting.

Very funny to see that tattoo again. :slight_smile:


Please warn about the rear nudity, I clicked the link and got an unwanted surprise.:frowning:

No bad surprise here :slight_smile:

I love the suptle wrinkles on the upper back. Did you use a NOR map?

Yeah, you should probably mark this as having nudity. The image overall though is very impressive, especially the skin. The tattoo looks a little out of place, almost too clean because none of the skin texture really pulls through it. The cloth just doesn’t do the skin justice. Great render.

Are you a girl? :confused: :cool:

the overall picture is awesome, the only thing I’d change would be the sheet on top… it looks like it has absolutely no width… like just a plane with no thickness pretty easy fix just extrude… of course after looking at it alittle bit more, is it a sheet? im not sure… the bottom left corner is a little awkward just cuz it’s the only “empty” part of the picture… just a few observations… luv teh work tho!

Ummmmmmmm, no.

[Edit] I had to lengthen my “um”, what’s with the ten character posting minimum?

The render have some things that i should change, but hey! nobody create something ideal in one day:D

I dont use normap, only colormap, simple specmap and ofcourse I use ramp,
and sorry for miss warning about nudity:rolleyes:

Very nice overall, although I feel it is spoilt by the sheet. The wrinkles are too regular and imply a heavier material than the texture and sheen does. The folds would have falle over on themselves if they were that large.

The skin is beautiful, maybe the best I’ve seen, and the lighting is very nice.

Excellent work!


looks great, very nice color and textures. Got a site? Very impressive at first glance.

Dipingo unfortunately I dont have my own site, but I work on it;)

I do some correction.:cool:

Get a life.

That’s a beautiful render, amazing textures and the model looks very real.
Sometimes when the lighting is right you can see the hair on a model, it looks a bit like that this way. Even though you know it’s fake.
Where does the tattoo come from?

I find tatoo by accident when I surf on the Net:)