Sleeping Peacfully

Iv been working on this scene for the last couple of weeks but have never got around to posting it. i was lying in bed and just had the idea pop straight into my head.
The person in the bed is from makehuman for the simple fact that i absolutly suck at making people and i really wanted to make this scene.
All of the materials arent very good, i would really like some C+C on how to improve them because im not happy with them.
Any other C+C would be greatly apreciated.


i would really like some crits on this because im not sure about were to go from here.

ps. sorry for bumping my own thread

Ok, I’m pretty new to blender but I’ll try to give you a few crits that I see.

First off the blanket looks as if it were floating on top of the person instead of lying on him and conforming to his curves(IE body shape).
Another problem I see is the bed to kind of off centered. It should really by lying over the bed support covering up those metal bars that support it.
Also the persons skin is kind of shinny. Maybee tone down the reflectivity on the skin a little bit.
Lastly, and this is totaly up to you, but when a person sleeps I rarley see them smiling in their sleep. But that is totaly your call and doesn’t really matter.
my 2 cents

Hmm, first of all, Id say that the skin is way to shiny. Kill a bit of the spec.
If you check on Kator I think they have an old skin texture tute(using procedurals). I think its originally for 3ds max, but it works for blender fine.
peace man

ok i checked out the repository and found that human texture you said about. i did say that all the materials where basic and only placeholders.

n64314I can assure you that the covers are touching the guy, it might look that way because i used softbodies for the covers i dont know its the first time iv used them
But you where right about the bed, i have adjusted the position.

As always any other C+C is apreciated.


That looks a lot better.
But still a tad shiny. Try killing all the spec, and turn up translucancy.
Other than that, looking pretty good
peace, keep it up

When you wake up your pillows are not useally all neat like ,one of mine usually ends on on the floor.
You could do with some drawn curtains and it would be darker in the room with drawn curtains and it being 7.29 in the morning.
Reflections are coming from light inside the room but you probably wouldnt have a light on in the room unless you was scared of sleeping in the dark, light would come in from window direction.
Maybe just me but it doesnt look like there is an actual window frame just a hole in the wall.
The blanket has hardly any thickness.

That sky back there looks like sunset, sunrise is different colored.

That is a small blanket! But then, I use a king size blanket for my full sized bed (if I don’t, the covers seem crawl off the bed in the middle of the night).

Other than that, I would suggest focusing on weight. The matress and pillows should bend under the man’s weight, and the blanket does look like it’s floating. I wouldn’t use softbodies for this unless you’re going to animate it. I think it would be a better option to make the blanket super high-poly and use the new sculpt tool (may only be in the CVS version). Also, having the blanket bunch up in places would help.

One effect you might think of using, is to have a bright spotlight with halo turned on shining in through the window (to give it that “morning mist” when the sunlight hits the dust particles floating in the air.). If you do that, I would go with little or no light from other sources.

Keep up the good work!

ok thanks to all for the crits. i have been really busy trying to make this work. About the crits to do with scale of things, my computer is right next to my bed which i am using for reference, so i guess i just have a small duevet :slight_smile: and its already a quite high poly duvet, over 50,000 verts.
thanks for the tips with lighting as that is just the effect i want. and i have also changed the time on the clock from 7.30 to 6.30 because i really like the lighting the way it is now, but it is too dark for 7.30.

Crit away.


Looking much better. Your pillows look a bit angular. Do you have subsurf on?

i do indeed have subsurf on them, i shall re-work the shape to make them a little less stiff.

ok iv reworked the pillows and i also decided to render this 1 with AO to see what it would look like, i think it looks good, but i would have to change the clock to something like 9.30.
As always any opinions/suggestions/crits/ideas etc are greatly apreciated.


Try making the AO ‘both’ instead of additive.

any better?



You’re doing so well Midgetmike!

thanks this is the first major project that i have actually almost completed.
i know i still need to change the time on the clock because it looks more like 8.30 than 6.30 but other than that im not sure where i can go from here.

ok iv now adjusted the clock and some of the material settings. i am now almost happy with this, and i believe its almost finished. If anyone has any suggestions whatsoever i would love to hear them.
I am still a little undecided upon what time should be on the clock. could you tell me what time the picture looks like to you. Thanks