What’s up!
New animation again called SleepMode :fallen_leaf:
Modelled and Rendered in Blender 2.81 E-Cycles
Composited in After Effects.
20 Samples, 1920x1600px, 25fps, 250 frames, Time: 7hrs, 32bit .exr
I added some noise in post to give it a cinematic look.

Watch with headphones on to hear that awesome bass!

Beauty 1:

Beauty 2:

Beauty 3:

Beauty 4:

Beauty 5:

Beauty 7:


Comparison (Raw vs Post):

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I’m looking for work!:sweat_smile:


Thanks! I really appreciate the support🙌🏽

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Soo beautiful! The animation was really calming to watch.

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I’m really glad you felt that way, thanks for watching!


I’ll try and upload the process/breakdown soon.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bartv

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Been busy as of late so I’ve pushed the breakdown back.

Nice work !
How did you model the trees ? using Sapling tree gen ?

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I used this very cool add on that I forgot to link called, Modular Tree