Sleepwalkin´ short.. music video

this is my first Post in this section.

I Just wanted to show you a Video i made with blender (modelled, animated, rendered and composited) and underscored with self composed music.
please don´t be bored, cause it´s what it says …sleepwalkin´.
But Anyway, what do you think of it?

it’s a bit repetitive…
but very nice work

its good and you animated the feet well, but i have to agree it needs some more animation or to be shorter.
but quite good for a first.

Good start! But as you said yourself it is boring. I fastforwarded from second 3 to the last. Add some action to it or change the stairs along the way.
The lightning could also be improved and it might be nice to add some textures.
But it is a really good start for your first animation.

Nice music!

Thanks for all the comments.
The models actually are textured, but well, i made them really dark, because it should represent an endless walk in front of an endless sky, thats also why it is so repetitive.
Like unconsciousness.
But, well now i do also think there should be at least some comets or some kind of nebula, that releases the stress that´s build through the endless walk of that senseless machine :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks i will take that into account for maybe another version.