sleepy blendo'

(kil-arphen) #1

Hi all, I began an image in the spirit of Halloween but it has come to be an image for the gpl launch of blender (a little bit in advance, I agree). It represents the threat blender represents to other 3d packages 8) . You can see it there:

<warning> Horror Image :o </warning>

comments make me better, please let your tongue or fingers make their office.

(Dittohead) #2

let’s kick some alias|wavefront butt!!!

(garbager) #3

very sweet lights I love the overall feeling.
I wish I had time to do a poster like that
I have the sentence, but not the time :slight_smile:

“Blender is finally a free software.
Sorry you paid for yours…”

I’m against war beetween softwares, but I hae to admit it’s FUN !!!


(JoOngle) #4


That scares me too even though I’m quite happy when they day arrives where
blender is truly free (The contract hasn’t been signed as far as I know)


(S68) #5

Hehe :slight_smile:

Really nice


(sten) #6

yeah, scare them away :wink: