Been awhile since my last render, too long I must admit. Yet, I decided to fire up blender, take a simple concept and make something out of it. Originally a boring archviz render changed to a not-so-cozy raven bathing in a sleet, hence the title.

From technical standpoint, the wet metal material was a challenge of its own. Otherwise the scene is quite simple. The whole thing took 2 days to complete, about 40 minutes to render (only 100 samples btw).

C&C as always, very welcomed.

nice picture! My only remark is that the the sky is maybe a bit to bright to explain the sleet. The clouds have quite a nice shape BTW, are they an image or procedural?

many thanks! the clouds are composited image. I tend to get cartoony clouds with volumetrics so bg image was a better way to go here.

Amazing work, a great atmospheric scene

Thanks, that’s something I wanted to do, create some nice atmosphere in quite a simple scene.