Slender: The Square Menace

Hello everyone. Over the past few months, me and fellow member Pqftgs teamed up and are pleased to announce the wait is finally over! We present to you Slender: The Square Menace. Yet another Slenderman game… or is it? The antagonist has been replaced with the lovable cube we’ve all come to know and love.

Anyway, to get down to business; if you wanna download the game (Available in Source, Linux and Windows) head on over to and navigate yourself over to the download section.

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Members involved in the project:

Alec Cunningham (RandomPickle97) - Level Designer/Texture Person
Lee Pugh (Pqftgs) - Programming/Scripting & Website Manager
George Irvine - Music/Sound

Sorry about the quality… it was good before uploading it, but WMM wasn’t very nice and wrecked it :'0

Thanks for downloading, and a very special thanks to Pqftgs for all his help, whom without this game would not have been possible!
Also, special thanks to George whom without, we would probably have to had taken the music from the original!

cool game…just played it on linux…nice work

Thanks =)
By the way, can someone tell me if the screenshot is un-seeable?! Or if it’s too dark? My friend can’t see it on their computer…

The screen shot you posted?


I can see it just fine.

Strange, on my mom’s laptop the picture is more or less all black :S

This game looks schweeet! Well done, downloading now! :slight_smile:

I’m on a mobile device, can’t see the picture very well :s
Anyway, update 1.1 is up:

-Re-modeled the bathroom (fixed Z-fighting and lighting issues)
-Added page0 sound
-Sprint recharge interval reduced from 30 -> 20 seconds
-Sprint recharge amount increased from 5 -> 6 seconds
-Sprint max increased from 15 -> 18 seconds

the textures could use some work and it should be glsl
games cool though
fix it

That’s what I’ve been saying all along! Er… kind of.
At least about GLSL. The vertex lighting is horrendous.

We’re aiming at one more version to replace the remaining ripped sounds. I might put an option on the menu for better lighting.
In fact I was going to do it with 1.1, but got lazy.

Anyway thanks for playing! And the feedback too

The game has a great Atmoshere, which isnt affected by the minimal graphic setting. Which i like because it increases the Imagination. I did not know that cubes can be sooo scary. Cool small Game. Great Sound Btw.