Sorry for my horrible english :o

Hi. I tried to make some lowpoly stylized image with slenderman.

I used blender for model and little compositing. (mist + lens disort)

And for stylization, i used and TR’s Tiled pixels plugin.

If you guys are interested in making similar things, here are some links to things which i used.

Pig art youtube channel for inspiration website

TR’s plugin pack (download, extract and copy to install directory / effects)


I didn’t know low poly could be creepy 0_0

Okay the second Image I really like but sme thoughts on the first one:

  • I think the scene is a little bit too saturated and bright to be creepy.
  • Also the extra arms are a bit too ordered and symmetric for my taste. I think having them a bit more chaotic might be a cool thing.
  • Also a part of what makes slender man creepy is, that it kind of blends (:wink:) with the trees, so you can’t realyy tell what’s a tree and, what’s this creepy man. Incorperating this and making him difficult to spot at first glance might be a great way to have more impact with your scene.
  • when I do lowpoly (wich I need to do more often) I like to not only use the “standard” diffuse one colored shader, but be a bit more liberal. It’s not typical for lowpoly but I think it can work great with this style.
    Reference: le Petit Prince
  • mabye try to make the scene more weird/creepy by including a bit more vegetation, trees and detail while also having some glitched polygon messes to create a bit of unease…
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