Slepnyrl Studios- My Website

My website is finally up and running. Only the main page and the Blender Gallery are done so far. But the layout and design should be working now (I am doing it all by hand, no fancy dreamweaver stuff)

I still have to finish the Blender section (which is everything available in the css menu on the left), the Terragen section and 2D art.

Enjoy and check often for updates :smiley:


I believe Internet Explorer does not display it properly (because IE is crap so dont use it)

Spot on! :wink:

But then again you’re using old html 4.0 code and some tags aren’t even closed, etc… Using strict XHTML code forces IE to act a lot nicer and gets around a few of the older bugs.

As for the layout, lose the terragen background picture and use some darker colours to go with the navigation. It looks like you’re going with an orange and black colour scheme, so stick with it.

And I wouldn’t recommend anyone to ever learn frames in html, just don’t go down that path.

just wondering y this is, but y are you hosting your images on imageshack instead of the site itself.

jsut wondering

I am using imageshack because atspace allows files a max of 200kb and many of the images are over 200kb so I cant upload them to atspace.

Thanks for pointing out some still open tags Ill look for them. And I am doing it with what i learned in school in HTML. CSS on the other hand is something I just started learning.

I haven’t time to examine your code right now, but I presume the title at the top is a scale-to-fit image. On my resolution (1280 x 1024) it shows up really pixelated. Also it’s not very clean. If you use Gimp or Photoshop you should be able to get a cleaner text output than that. (Also, where’s the accute accent over the ‘e’?)

I complain because I like it. Just so you know.

HTML is OK if that’s what you know. Most of my stuff is in plain HTML (using a few DHTML techniques). For example, you can choose which image do display based upon the resolution of the viewer’s monitor, so you could (to keep it simple) keep a low and a high resolution version around.

If you keep to simple structures, the differences between IE and FF, et. al. are minimized. Search the web for information on that.

Also, I note a significant pause when I mouse over the left menu.

Sorry, gotta go.

Thats a good idea. I still have trouble imagining the size of the screens of you guys. at 1024x768 i thinks its already pretty big ( I do have a significant distance between my eyes and my screen) i’ll look it up and give it a try

The è is only on elysium because I had an old account (without the e) but I lost the password so I just made a new one.