Slepnyrl's Gallery

My website is finally up and running. Hosted by tekcities which, so far is a great place for free web hosting.

The website is still in construction. You can check out most of my work with Blender and my latest Work in Progress. There is still a lot of work I have to do, especially a nice theme background.

Post your comments here and any ideas you might have too.

Website will get better with time. Been making the Titles in Blender which is, in my opinion, much better than plain text.

PS: This is all done in HTML, no crazy messed up template in which the code is a mess for those who know how it works.

If you guys have any tips for the website please post. It is one of my finished project but i can never really be finished, can it?

The title looks wrong because it seems to curve round whereas the shadow is perfectly aligned.

I also think that certain lighting sometimes makes text less readable because it illuminates areas that would otherwise distinguish the letters.

I found that using a directional light pointing straight at the letters with another light for specular highlights and maybe a couple of others worked quite well to help with the clarity. Whatever you do don’t use lights that do not cast shadows.

Overall, I think the site is OK and I prefer simple sites that work well over complex and fancy sites that don’t. However, I think it looks a bit too simplistic with the pure white background and obvious use of tables (says I, who also uses tables ;)).

Also, if you try and limit yourself to showing your best work or at least make it stand out. Some of your images deserve more prominence than others. That little dinosaur is my favourite but I almost didn’t see it.

Thanks for the awesome comments!

The site was as far as I got in one afternoon.Its very simplistc because of that. Its completely new. And I refuse to use templates cause they take hell to load and your code is a mess.

Thanks for the tips on the text. I will rework them and it will be probably much much better (lighting is one of my weakness in 3d)

I will rearange my work a bit. Put up the best ones near the top. The dino is one of my best models and will shift his place to a more favorable one. (it just put them in the order they were uploaded in imageshack)

Now that enough to keep me busy :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again

Have redonne the titles. The look better in my opinion. Thanks a lot for the tips.

On the other hand i heard you could convert text into meshes. Anyone know?

2x alt+c et voila

the url doesn’t work for me, dunno why :-?

I noticed that sometimes the URL didnt work completely for anyone.

I think the hosting company is responsible. It is probably due to their updating of the websites or else. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yeah, that looks better. The title stands out more and your best work is much easier to notice.

I understand totally about using templates and what not. I normally use frames and tables. I’m hoping to change to CSS though because I don’t like some things about frames.

One other thing about the text is the curving. If you wanted it that way, that’s fine but you can render it in orthographic mode so that all the words look equal.

Or you can adjust the camera’s field of view to get even more distortion. Just select the camera and got to the editing section. It’s on 35 by default. The higher it is the more ortho you get and the lower, the more fisheye style.

Also, you could experiment with using a reflection instead of a shadow, though it might be awkward with some lowercase letters like p and y.

If you want more choice of fonts, you can use inkscape (if you don’t know already it’s a free open source vector program like illustrator) and draw some text in that. Then you can import into Blender using the svg to obj script. You have to convert the text to a path and save as plain SVG.

Then use this script:

and import it. Convert to a mesh with alt-c and extrude. You can get italics and all the fonts you normally use on your machine.

Thanks a lot. I will look into that when my current issues are resolved

First of all, my Graphic Card is on vacation. It keeps crashing due to some hardware problem. Probably overheating due to different air circulation after I added another card

Second, Tekcities has reorganising and transfering files. A lot of websites have been deleted, including mine so all my HTML code and files has disapeared (thank god i dont have to rehost my images because they are on imageshack)

I will first try to get my CG working again then see how the website issue is resolved. I might do the website on my computer first then host each page and add the appropriate links.