SLI or not to SLI for Cycles rendering

Hello everyone.

I have one simple question…

I do play videogames as much as I render in Cycles.

As you may know, SLI for videogames rocks. But then I read somewhere few months ago that I should disable SLI for rendering in cycles. Why?

Is this really necesesary? Or I can take fulll advantage of both GTX cards in Cycles even if it is in SLI mode.

Thank you in advance.

(I have to reinstall drivers if I switch from SLI to non SLI because of my setup, that is why my question)

Better performance without SLI. If you want to see the actual difference, test it yourself on your machine.

Good day Richard. I had tried to test it out myself, but now the problem is that when not on SLI, it only renders with one GPU instead the 4 GPUS, When I select all 4 GPUs, screen goes black and the next message appears on windows: “NVDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, version 337.91 stop responding and recovered succesfully” I can´t figure out the problem yet. Thank you for the links.