sli question

ok well ive got an 8800gt built by evga but i got it within the first week that it came out so it is just the reference model without anything done to it and my question is will i be able to run this card in sli with another evga card and if so will i have to flash the bios of the new card or anything like that in order to run it in sli

you need the exact same card (ie another 8800GT from evga… same model) . Also, it has to be a PCI-e card and you have to have two PCI-e slots on your motherboard (so you can run with two cards…) and the card has to be SLI-ready. Not sure if all of the current ones are, but they probably are. i got dual 7900 GTO’s in this thing and aside from a bit of a hassle getting the SLI to function properly in Linux, they work like a charm.

You shouldn’t have to flash the bios or anything, tho. What you’ll do is just slap the second card in, and they SHOULD come with an SLI-bridge - a little connector thing - and a metal clamp thing that holds the cards firmly in place. Took me about 15 minutes total to set the hardware up. For windows, if you have the drivers for the one card installed already it should boot up, find the new card, tell you to restart and then the next time it restarts it should ask if you want to enable SLI mode. You’ll want to click ‘yes’. After that you’ll be able to access all the SLI goodness from the Nvidia settings panel and choose what ‘type’ of SLI to use. Personally, i have found the "alternate frame rendering’ to be the best method, as there is sometimes some ‘ripping’ going on if you have each card render half the screen, even with the vsynch enabled there will sometimes be a little bit of a tear where the two halves meet. Some games are better about this than others tho.

yes i do have a sli enabled board in is an evga 680i revision a and infact it has 3 pci-e slots and my card is sli enabled however my question was that if it matters that my card is a stock reference card and the new cards are not

never mind after doing some reading i answered my own question

3 words for SLI.

Waste Of Money.

The diffrence is not that great, and most games do not support it. When you force it, it can sometimes hinder the preformance.

just focus on a nice single card, I sure wish I did.