Sli video cards support in blender?

Hi guys, I’ve a fresh question for you! I want to change my 6 years old pc, and I’m looking for a dual GPU system, but all for graphic, I don’t care of games. I didn’t found anywhere on the net an article talking about SLI/crossfire support in blender, Do you now if it’s supported? If I use, for example, two nVIDIA GTX260 WITH 896MB + 896MB, Blender will see only 896MB and it will work with 896 MB or it will work with 896 + 896 ?And other software that use it(gimp or inkscape)?
Thanks in advance, guys!

If my knowledge holds true, SLI isn’t a big deal when it comes to modeling. Those cards are designed for gaming. If you’re ready to drop a wad of cash on a gpu, look into workstation graphics. Afaik, this is really only relevant if you’re into intense modeling, as gpu’s aren’t involved in rendering unless it’s a gpu specific renderer like gelato. If you’re more interested in rendering, I’d advise you to spend a little less on your gpu, and a little (or a lot) more on your cpu and good ram.

Obviously you should do some research yourself to decide what you want.

Thanks Coalth for your kindly reply, I’ve forgotten to specify that I didn’t care of GPU rendering. I asked only for translating/ visualizing vertices. I think that Nvidia Quadro video cards function only with Commercial products like Maya or 3dsmax, where coders used their specific drivers(in fact I read somewhere that the difference between a Quadro and a normal Video card are its specific drivers), or am I wrong?

most 3d apps run in windowed mode, and alas,
there’s no benefit of a dual gpu/sli gpu set up in windowed apps. :confused:

OpenCL might change that though(but then afaik openCL only deals with stream processors on the gpu’s). :slight_smile:

what ever you are going to do wait a couple of weeks. ati is launching the 5870 this month which should result in a price drop for all cards already out. if felix is right about opencl performance ati is fully suporting open cl while nvidia is sticking with propritary stuff. if speed and memory are an issue the 5870 is rumored to be a 2 teraflop per second card with 2 gigs of memory. but the only way i can see needing that much is for high poly very detailed sculpting, and even then you would convert that to a lower poly mesh to keep from crashing the other computers you were going to put the model on.

but like i said, either way there should be a price drop very soon.

Thx a lot guys! This news open a wide range of possibilities! Maybe this opencl (that if I’m not wrong, it should be a programming language cross platform for cpu/gpu, isn’t it?)could break the hegemony of Nvidia and of its quadro series!I’ll wait for 5870!Crossed fingers! :slight_smile:

Actually Nvidia supports both, Cuda (their own parallel computing architecture) and OpenCL, while Ati supports only OpenCL (or as they call it: ATI Stream Technology).

Ati/AMD has lately developed some pretty darn good video cards (not to mention their eagerness to support new directx versions as well as open source drivers for linux), indeed it’s nice to have a good competition going on.

Thx S-T-S for your links, I was asking what CUDA stood for, and you answer me! In the next days I’ll wait for both Nvidia and Ati tests, so the better ( price/power proportion) that wins it will be mine! :slight_smile: