Slice of nature

Nice trees! the grass that’s only texture kinda takes away from the illusion though.

Grass texture to big or small, or doesn’t fit the color seam?

I think it’s too big. Have you thought about making the grass with a particle system that would look much better in my opinion. The trees really look good and are very detailed but you can see that the grass is just a texture.

I am on a very bad computer that’s why this is a wip until i get a better one, my original idea was to use real grass / water etc, the pc i am on is amd 1.99 GHZ and 512 of ram laptop, cant do anything that’s why i had to stop because blender no longer runs at this point.

Textures is a unevenly mapped, grass should have a smaller texture, or you could replace it with strands for a more realistic look, rocks texture looks very stretched at the edges, maybe you should UV map them? Trees looks good though.