Sliced Piece of Terrain

Done this model based on satellite data from Google Maps, thanks to the awesome BlenderGIS addon by ‘domlysz’ and simple yet effective tutorial saw at Cg_Geek’s YouTube Channel. Rendered with Cycles with some mild retouches on the ocean waves done in Photoshop.

Quick update - Here is the base mesh

I hope you like it!
- @duartedesigner86
- Artstation


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Hell yeah!! Thank you so much for this! <3


man, i LOVE it. is there any chance you’d be willing/able to show us a screenshot of that water shader? I think its absolutely amazing. Is there any transparency/translucency at all? Or is it just an incredibly intricate color map? How did you paint that so perfectly?

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Hey there, mate! First of all, I want to thank you for your feedback and positive words. As a beginner artist, things like that really means a lot and drives me forward to continue learning and modeling. :smile: :smile:

So, about the shaders for the ocean, they were made with 2 simple node setups:

  • for the one in top of the mesh, I googled for “ocean waves”, downloaded a nice resolution jpeg and loaded it onto the image texture node. The point was to brought that white foam above the waves:

  • the one around the mesh was done with a wave texture node and high bump values for some movement on the water:

There’s little to none transparency, since both of them were mixed with a transparent shader, just to give that final wet look. Here’s a screenshot of them applied on UV spheres:

Final touch was done in Photoshop, with brush textures for making that little water splashes around the border.

I hope this helps you make even better water/ocean shaders!