Slicing effect?

Hi! I was wondering how you could accomplish a type of slicing introduction for an object. A way I could describe it, is if a cube were to move through a plane, it would be transparent but as it moves through the plane, part of the cube would appear as it goes through the plane. Except the cube being multiple parts.

??? pictures please, I doubt anyone really knows what you are saying, so won’t even attempt to answer you…

It is possible to make many parts add up to a cube and to give each part different materials, or a material that changes from Transparent to Solid. We just need some better idea of what you mean…

Cheers, Clock.

Ok, so a way I can visually describe it is with this image:

That’s a cube that’s clipping through a plane. The effect I was wonder how I could accomplish was, the portion of the cube that’s sticking out of the plane is visible but behind it is invisible. In the blend file the cube moves through the plane however, this is just a demonstration. The plane is only to represent the object the cube has to pass through to be visible. A more simpler way to explain would be, as the cube passes through the plane, the portion that is passing through will be visible. Just to be clear, the plane can’t be in the final render. And yeah I know there’s a way to use the transparency node and just fade in, but this is the sort of effect I was hoping to accomplish. - There’s the blend file

Not real sure what you want. The easy way I would do this would be to put your plane on a separate layer. Check shadow catcher in your object properties for the plane and then simply mask the layer the plane is on in the render layer panel.
Gives you this using your blender file’s camera angle. I put material on your cube and your plane to show you how it works.Example-2.blend (536 KB)
You can render it out and see if that is what you are shooting for.

You could use a boolean modifier on the cube and restrict rendering and visibility of the plane.
Example1.blend (489 KB)

Thanks! The boolean modifier worked. I didn’t know it was a thing but now I know!