Slide object on surface

Hey there,

I justed started to learn blender and I think it’s awesome :slight_smile:

Currently I’m struggling a little with the following issue. I want to constraint an object to a surface. The object should rotate along the surfaces normal and it should be controllable just through 2 coords (UV) while it’s still possible to deform the underlying surface with shapekeys/armatures.

In Maya I would do this with a hair follicle. Here’s a quick example to better illustrate what I’m trying to accomplish:

Do you think this is possible in blender somehow?

Thank you and cheers

NURBS surfaces alone have U and V parameters, unfortunately Blender doesn’t have this flexibility of letting you use NURBS with polygonal objects hand in hand. What you can do here is use the shrinkwrap constraint.



ok thanks! Got it.

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