Slide vertex with snapping


It is possible in Blender 2.8 (latest build) to slide (with Clamp option OFF) vertex with snapping to another vertex? For example in this situation. I want to slide vertex up and snap to the top right vertex.

AFAIK, the edge slide tool does not support snapping. Your best bet would be to add a temporary transform orientation:

Then you can transform with the move tool, and snapping will work as usual.

It’s distinctly suboptimal, but it works.


Thank You! I put idea for slide with snapping to RCselect.



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Not sure if I am understanding here, if you just want that vertex to snap to top right, not the edge, ‘gg’ on vertex mode and sliding up the diagonal should do it.
Edit: Failing that, have snap to nearest vertex on and do it that way.

I want to snap this vertex to the edge, but also to be parallel to the upper right vertex
This is possible with Tiny CAD addon (Thanks PyroGXPilot!) Is not perfect but it works!