Im making a childerens slide [!]
If anyone could make suggestions for the settings for plastic it’d be appreciated, thanks!

Or, C&C of course, always need that… :slight_smile:

You need a bigger grass texture, because it loops too soon.

make the edges of your slide smoother, you don’t want children to cut themselves. Use set smooth on it… 'cuz the angle near the bottom would sure hurt the butt.

:x Ouch! Yeah… :stuck_out_tongue:

Or do I? :Z

If i set it smooth the rest of the slide becomes deformed, i have to play with it some, thanks for the ideas

Work on the grass texture and smooth that slide. I would get bruised if I slid on that :expressionless:

To smooth, go to editbuttons and press “Auto Smooth”, along with “set smooth”. The smoothing will only show in the render.

In shows in the main window if you click auto smooth and set smooth then turn off auto smooth. It works for me anyway.

another way would be subsurfing it… or subdividing then subsurfacing. play around with it, it’s worth it

Erm… i hit a button somewhere and my files gone… i split the window and its in the new window so thats how im workin on it. I rendered in first window and its pure grey, any ideas?

New Grass
Smoother slide
Reshaped slide for maximum fun-ness :smiley:

look for your file with the extension .blend1 where you saved it last.

Doesn’t look you would be able to go fast on it now. You should create a small playground with that as the feature piece of equipment.

Ooh ill add a slide if i get around to makin the rest of the park… youll be able to go fast…

The slide isnt steep enough. The kid would go down and then stop on the horizontal part. You should fix that.

Oh yeah, I noticed that too. Try subsurfing it.

Subsurf with creases would make this sooo much easier for you.

I agree.