sliders, drivers and shape keys limitations...

I’m creating a set of control sliders to move parts of a very simple face around using shape keys and drivers. And it works. Ive even set up constraints so my controls don’t move too far. However the actual position of the controller vs the reported position of the controller are very different. I’m using a small cube, slides only on the y axis and only one blender unit. at its extremes the cube stops moving but if I keep dragging the position indicator keeps climbing or dropping above or below the set limitations. so when I go to move it again later, I have to move the mouse say 10 units before it gets to my constraints, then it will move the slider. Is there a fix? or just don’t keep dragging beyond the settings? lol Any help would be appreciated


the pics show the y position relative to physical location. picture 3 the cube is same place but the location is 12.###

If you used limit location constraints enable the ‘For Transform’ option in the constraint settings

Also you have unapplied scales on your cube - all set at 0.178, not good.

To correct this, select the cube and key CTRL+A then select “Scale” from the popup. Clearly you scaled the cube in Object Mode, you should do all scales, rotations and other edits in EDIT Mode…

Cheers, Clock.