Sliders for Actions?

Does 2.4 have a slider feature for actions like Animation Master? It’s like a RVK slider.

In the meantime I made an action for a finger curl, then I set an action constraint to to another object, in this case a text object (the word Fingerbend).

I put the text object in another layer and pinned the window. It’s kind of like a driven IPO concept. When I rotate the word fingerbend on it Y axsis, the finger curls.

It’ll probably make sense if you see the blend file.

in case you didn’t saw that one: I find it better to integrate the target of the action constraint in the rig:

How It works? The finger have an action called C_Finger_roll this action is no actually used in NLA, but used by the action constraint. In this action I made an anim of the finger curling from 1-10 and unlinked it for future use. Then I added an Action constraint to all finger looking for rotation at the root of the finger’s chain. when you rotate the bone on X from 0 to -90 it will play action from 1 to 10. Time saving, just how I like them.

Blend file


Thanks, Excellant way of doing it!


Perhaps you have a solution to this one also.

I want to use the floor constraint feature for my skeleton. I want it so that if I grab the center bone, in this case the stomach bone, that when I move the armature down the Z axsis, the feet stop at the floor and the rest of the rig will collapse in a logical manner.

The problem I have with the floor contraint is that it is tied to the root of the IK chain which in my rig is at the hip level.

I have the Jeff Lew video, he’s using Animation Master, the rig stops at the floor.

Here’s my file

Add a bone to make a floor at 0,0
Then make the floor bone the root of your rig hierarchy.(the root one in the back is the child of floor.)
add floor constraint to both foot targeting the floor.

of course moving the floor will move both the body and feet.
If you don’t want the body to follow, just don’t parent it.