Sliding a vert along an edge?

I know that I can use ctrl+e to slide an edge within a mesh in edge mode, but is there an option anywhere to slide a single vert along an edge in vert mode - either in the middle of a mesh or at the outside edge? I sometimes need to adjust a vert’s position without having it ‘pop off’ the plane it’s on, especially if it’s on a compound curve surface which will be sub-divided.

Well, in some circumstances, you can snap the cursor to an adjacent vertice, and then set the manipulation point to cursor. and then scale.

or you can use the Custom Transform Orientation tool :

  • select the 2 vertices of your edge
  • Shift + Ctrl + C (or View / Transform Orientation / Add)
    you’ll have a new orientation available in the menu, which is aligned to your edge.
    Then you just have to move your vertice on the Z axis.

Thanks guys - I can see instances where both those methods would come in handy!