Sliding an inset within the plane of its face?

Imagine you’ve created a Face in Edit mode, rotated it on a couple/3 axes, Inset it, and now want to slide the inset Face around, but only within the plane of the original Face.

How would you do that?

What I tried was to select the 4 Edges of the original face (which because of the inset operation is now 5 different faces), use the Custom Transformation Orientation feature, and use the resulting gizmo to move the inset Face around. This seems to work, but it’s hard to say and I’m wondering if it’s the best way.

Custom transform works.
You can also select the polygon and hit shift+7 to get a perpendicular view of that polygon. Now select what you want to move the and they will move on the same plane as the first selected polygon.

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SHIFT+7 is a new one on me. Thanks!