sliding avatar

Hi all,

I am having a bit of a problem, i have a fully rigged model and am trying to import it to my virtual environment, however when i enable dynamic in the logic panel and then play the game, my avatar just slides along the plane he’s sitting on then keeps going and flys into the air.

Im assuming it has something to do with some force being exerted on the armature, but i can’t find out where its coming from. sorry i can’t link the blend as it is a commercial project, hope some one can help me out.

p.s apart from the armature texture and plane there is nothing else in the blend. and its based on the ludwig template(modifed by someone else)

make sure the character mesh is set to no collision.

You cant have multiply objects imposed on each other with dynamic/static/rigidbody physics type and i think thats the problem here.
Set dynamic for your character and rest on it should be no collision or ghost.