Sliding Door Animation

This is really elementary but I’ve been struggling for two days to create two animations to simulate elevator doors for use in Unity3d. My elevator consists of a standard blender cube with part of one side removed for the doorway and two planes to serve as sliding doors. Both planes have been parented to the cube. The first animation is to move both doors from closed position to open whilst the second animation moves the doors from open to closed. The frustrating part is I can’t get these two unique animations. Ived created separate actions for each animation in the Action Editor. Pressed the F button. Used 50 frames for each animation. Inserted keyframes at frame 1 and 50 . Used only location transforms when positioning the planes/doors. Only one animation works. When you configure the second animation it effects the positions of the first animation. I’ve also tried stashing each new action without success.

Can someone help Iam using Blender 2.74.

This is the simplest solution:

lift-doors.blend (465 KB)

Just press Play - pay close attention to the Transformation constraint on “door.R”, all parts of it are important, to operate yourself, just move “door.L” along X axis. You can add a Limit Location constraint to “door.L” to stop it moving more than you want. You could use an armature of course, but this is the simplest.

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks Clock will have a look. Incidently I tried some c# coding in Unity and got away with using just one animation.

Animator animator;

animator.speed=-1;//This line allowed be to play back my animation clip in reverse yielding the second animation