sliding pocket doors.

I’ve got a Star Trek model with sliding shuttlebay doors. There are four panels on each side and the slide into each other like pocket doors. I’d like to rig them in such a way that I can grab one of the center panels and moving it will cause the panels on either side to slide away from center and in to each other as if on rails. Like an IK armature only with rails instead of joints I guess.

Anyone know how to rig what I’ve described?

edit: I’ve added some images of what I want to automate and make nice and smooth.

hey guartho, mind if I answer this in a 3D graphics world Q+A section? BTW, the pictures don’t show :slight_smile:

I don’t mind at all… Although I would like to be pointed to the answer when you get around to it.

As to the images not showing up, now that you’ve mentioned it, I can see them in Safari, but not in IE or Netscape. My images are hosted on photobucket which works fine for me over on TrekBBS so I’m clueless for them not working.

I believe theeth made something similiar using constraints.

Here’s the file if you would like to check it out: