Sliding Problem

How can I stop my player from sliding. I’m using servo motion and the friction is at full. This usually happens at hill and slants, but in real life if your on a hill (not very steep) your liking not to slid down :confused:

Any suggestions?


Sorry to bump this thread, but I really need some ideas on how to do this :confused:

well, fellow teen friend, use the wall walk technique only without the rotation going over 180 degrees.

Great, but I was think you could get the same result with just logic bricks… :confused: Using the constriant distance actuator… I think that’ll do it :slight_smile:

Anyways, instead of making a new thread that no one has read except for you, I’m going to ask it here again :slight_smile:

Try adding another servo actuator that is activated when the user is not telling the character to move. Set LinV values to 0 and alter the force values to control how fast/slow you want the character to stop moving. I find force values of max 20 and min -20 on each axis work quite well.