Sliding Sledge movement

Hi all. I want to make the ice sledgig mini game. Bu i cant make the sledge to slide from the slope. I have no idea how to make it looks realistic. Here’s the blend… started jut now, plese point me somewhere how to do it (python, logic bricks, physics anything)

test.blend (775 KB)

There should be a blend attached that I thinks works better… here is mainly what I changed:

Physics damping on sled, mainly rotation.
basic-sledge and Material.001 (the ground material) :
Friction to zero on both
Upped elasticity and damping on both
Upped gravity slightly (increased the speed a little bit)

It still doesn’t react 100% like it is on snow… but now sure how to do that… but I think it works better!


test2.blend (771 KB)

ok thanks! this is much better… i will try to do something with it :smiley: