slight popping animations

On only some of my animations on my object i get a slight popping.Each animation is in a different state i looked at the keyframes and made sure everything is alright but still some popping I turned up blendin to as much as 30 but no help there
Is there anything else that would make popping animations?


Yeah, I believe it might have something to do with using animation blending (the blendin value) with a certain kind of animation playing in the Action Editor - try using different modes (Play Stop, Play Loop, etc.). Loop Stop worked well for me - also ensure that all animations have the same priority, and control which are playing (when the standing animation is playing, stop the running animation, for example).

Each animation is in a different state woth 0 priority. I normally use loop end but changed the 2 animations that were causing me problems to loop stop and it seemed work. Now some states use animations loop end and 2 are using loop stop Confusing but it seems to work. What are your thoughts on using continue button I don’t use it,


You mean the Continuous button? Well, I believe it influences how animations play. I think it works so that when an animation is interrupted, the frame it was positioned at is saved, so if you use that with a walking animation, for example, it may cause some problems because each time the walking animation is played, it won’t start from the beginning. You might want to take that out for looping animations such as walking.