Slight problem with my Mesh

Hi everyone, I was making a vase for a flower, and I notticed an odd problem with the mesh, the picture shows you what I mean…

What is this?


Looks like two edge loops got a crease amount set on them to 1, versus the rest that are not like that. Were you using the crease value on the loops going around the circumference of the lip? Possibly you had these two edge loops selected at that time as well…

Actually, no. There’s no subsurf modifier on and only then Creases would have an effect (tell me if I’m wrong). Therefore, I rather think it’s a problem with the 1) normals: hit ctrl+n to recalculate them or / and 2) with having “Set SMooth” enabled without “Autosmooth”. Click that one, too, default settings should be fine.

This probably isn’t it but make sure retopo is off when you are done with it otherwise the verticies react with other objects. Retopo is found on the mesh edit button window while you are in edit mode.

Myke is right, maybe that was made with intent to have those edges out there - was it set smooth?