Slight Sub Surf issue

Hi all, I am very new to this Blender thing and all things 3D, hehe, so I would like a little help :slight_smile:
I have made a face following a tutorial, and it looks great (for a first shot) but when I sub surf it, the neck splits up the middle… I have made the head by making half a face, then duplicating it so what ever i do to one side the other one follows suit. Is there a way I can remove this split without joining the two sides? (oh and how do I post pictures here so I can show you the problem?)

Thanks for a great Forum :slight_smile:

No need to post pics, it’s because they’re not joined. At some stage you’ll have to join them to be able to subsurf.


A few ways i think might help.

1.Use a new blender build and use the modifyer mirror function. the two edges that make the radiused corner press shift e to crease it into sqaure of corner.

3.add another edge loop very close to the outer edge loop which will stop subsurf geing able to radius it.

no.1 method best for not having to alter your geometry but the other method can be removed after joining the halfs together.

Right, thanks guys. I did eventualy join them up, merged the Verts and voila, no split. Thanks again.

Hmm, now that I joined the two halves and removed the doubles, it all looked great untill I rendered it, it still has a split, not in the actual surface but in the material or texture… There is a dark line straight down the middle. Any idea what causes this?

Now there are normals pointing a wrong direction in the middle. In edit mode select all faces and press control and n.

J, you are a star, I have had trouble with this for days now, and then the answer is so simple! my model now looks great, thanks alot!!