I am putting together a low poly kid shooting a slingshot for an enemy on a video game. Can someone help me with how best to go about this? I know I’ll need to apply a rubber modifier to the bands but how do i anchor it and handle the shooting animation?

It’s kind of hard to give advice without knowing the kind of game your trying to make.

The way I would do this for a 2D sprite or making a pre-made avi (or whatever format) animation clip.

First make your animation action on the slingshot users armature, then make shape keys on the slingshot to match the key frame pose movements.

To build up a shape key sequence-

-create a basis key and an editable key

-go into edit mode on the slingshot and edit the first editable key to the first key frame of your pose animation that interacts with the slingshot.

-go back to object mode and set the value of the key you edited to max (1)

-in the shape keys properties panel under the + and - buttons is a down arrow, click it and chose “new shape from mix”. This creates a key with any of the values that are active.

-with the new key selected, in the shape keys properties panel under “blend” look for the field that has a cube and key icon. Basis should be in this field, click it and set it to the key you edited last.

-select the second key and edit it for your next key frame of the characters pose and repeat the previous steps.

There is a way to make an animated sequence with shape keys called absolute shape keys. I forgot how to do this, but the above method works just as well.

Remember to make an animation for the key frames on the slingshot by hovering your cursor over the value slider of the shape key you want to insert a key frame for.

I’m not sure if this will really help you with a 3D setup though, as I’m unfamiliar with integrating mesh and animation data into a 3D game.