Slipper & fabrics

Commercial project. Catalogue images of different slippers, also close-ups of the available slipper fabrics and materials. I made extensive use of the hair system to imitate the fuzzy surface of the fabrics and give everything a softer feeling. Blender 2.80 + E-Cycles


Oh. My. God…
The amount of detail of these materials… im speechless.
How did you create them? Are they procedural?

Is there some “guide” that you recommend to learn this technique?
Thanks in advance, and again…amazing work.

Hi, thanks! Just to clarify: the detail shots are separate scenes and meshes made specifically to show the exact structure of 1 - 3 cm² of the material. They are not actual closeups of the Blender materials used on the slippers. For normal images this level of detail is rarely needed, image maps are often more than enough. In this case I used image maps + hair systems (with mesh hair)

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Thank you for the answer!

Got it, and the stitching is just in the image map? Did you use a displacement map too?

the stitching is a very simply image map with alpha of just one stitch, overlayed on top of the other map with a second UV map. Displacement was used on the whole mesh just to make it look more natural, random and less smooth.

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Thank you man, you really helped me a lot :pray:t2: