Slippery Car-Sim (With Preview 7b)

Newbie here!

This is my first post.

I tried to make a driving sim, but the car has almost no grip.
I could also use a better camera…
Help, anybody?


Screenshots-(See what you download)

Put you screens on an image hosting website. The main reason people in this forum want screenshots is so they can see what the get without downloading anything.

Sorry, I updated the link above

Cute, looks like my first game.

you can set the friction by assinging a shader/material to the concerned objects… then go into the material tab and look for a button marked DYN for dynamic… click it and you will get options for setting friction and elasticity ( how much energy it lost in a collision)…

So if you want the tires to slip less on the ground… select the ground and set a high friction value play with the settings to see what works…

Here’s an update:
and it’s screenshot:

I tried increasing friction levels, that helped, but when I increased it over 1.00,
the car lost it’s wheels. :confused:

Any suggestions on how to prevent that from happening?

Looking cool!

My suggestions:

  • Make the front wheels turn, as real ones do in order to turn.
  • Try a more recent build, friction>1 forks for me. If erwin didn’t release more previews, grab a recent cvs build at
  • Make the scenery thick to avoid the car going trough floor.
  • Update your first post and link snapshots as images or with a thumbnail. When you upload to imageshack, there is code to copy&paste in order to do that.
  • Use which is made for blenderheads and allows hotlinking.

DiThi, sadly polorix has been down for over two months and I heard somewhere that it is down for good. I aint sure if that is true though.

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